13 November 2013

My Fisrt Result @ INSTEDT

Hari ini petang tadi result khaty dah keluar pada 13 Nov 2013 lah.. memandangkan jam dah pukul 12:42 and katy dah lambat nak update about my result, usually my target is I wanna Dekan for the first sem ni, memandangkan rezeki DEKAN tu tak menyebelahi I, tak mengapalah just terima dengan seadanya.. Thanks God.. InsyaAllah ada rezeki Dekan di next semester.. amin.. tak lupa juga I dikurnia The Great, More Best, and Lovely Lecturer yang always bersusah payah membantu student2.. 
Firstly Thanks so much to My Head Department, En Azaddin Bin Mustafa.. he always gave supported to our student Diploma Islamic Banking. Thanks so much for him.
 Secondly Thanks so much to Ustazah Siti Nur Attiyah Fasihah Binti Abdullah as my Adviser and Lecturer In Diploma Islamic Banking.. 
Next Thanks so much to Madame Rahaini Binti Muhamad as a Lecturer in Accounting.. She is a persistent and I know her be patient with the students' attitude especially to my classmate hehe sorry damn much madame, Tak lupa juga for lecturer yang paling supporting his always say "oh my goodness!" in my class, he is Sir Chin Wei Leik as my English Lecturer, besides, dont forget also to Miss Sri Arjuna as Lecturer Business Math yang tersangat best, I like she because her always look relax and cool person and same with Miss Aida as Lecturer Malaysian studies she so straight but dia tersangat comel..

 center Is My head department, right after him is Madame Rahaini and  next is Miss Sri Arjuna, sory I tak dapat nak selitkan gambar lecturer yang lain sebab yang lain department yang berbeza so ini adalah Department Management Accounting.. 
 so ini lah yang dapat katy sharekan kat korang..

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